1:30 PM Pledge of Allegiance
Correspondence & Business 10 Min

1:40 PM Minutes of October 10th Commission Meeting
Review and approval of minutes 5 Min

1:45 PM
Public Hearing: To consider adopting an ordinance granting to
Garkane Energy Cooperative, Inc. an electric light, heat, and
power franchise
Consider adopting Ordinance
Action on Ordinance
5 Min

1:50 PM
Consider the Fierce Arms Subdivision, a minor subdivision near
Action on Fierce Arms Subdivision
5 Min

1:55 PM Consider Business License for Overson’s Farm Center
Action on business license request 5 Min

2:00 PM
Board of Equalization: Consider Appeal of Rollback Taxes by
Gary Zeluff on parcel 2-C13-2
Action on Appeal of rollback taxes
5 Min

2:05 PM
Board of Equalization: Consider Assessor Adjustment on parcel
Action on requested adjustment
5 Min

2:10 PM
Board of Equalization: Consider Protest of Rollback Taxes by
Arno & Ranee Jensen on parcels 5-126-22, 5-127-5, 5-127-6, 5-
127-9, 5-128-1, 5-130-20, 5-131-22, 5-132-2, 5-132-5
Action on protest
5 Min

**Commission Meeting will be held in the Commission Chambers of the
Sevier County Administration Building, 250 North Main, Richfield.
**Should matters arise involving litigation, personnel issues, real
estate transactions, security, criminal investigations, or commercial
information discussions, the Commission may close any portion of this
agenda as provided by Utah State law.

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